1. Aspects of strategic and planning affairs    
             Faculty of Dentistry supports the clear implementation plans responded to its principle missions and the University’s policies.  It develops and improves the administrative team’s and the newly appointed academic members’ strategic and planning potentials.  By means of several seminars and conferences, brain-storming processes from the personnel are acquired to develop and improve policies, strategic plans, and implementation plans for its future activities.  Subsequently, all conclusions will be released to obtain the common, correct, and appropriate adoptions and usages.    
      2. Aspects of administrations and management affairs    
             Faculty of Dentistry supports the management of its administrative systems.  Each personnel and unit will be provided with clear job-descriptions, additionally educated with treasury rules and teaching-processes.  All academic and non-academic members are also requested to attend the seminars on the University’s statutes and on the efficient work practices.  Intra- and inter-unit’s administrations, as well as individual participation, are supported.    
      3. Aspects of academic affairs    
             Faculty of Dentistry offers various educational levels relating to dentistry.  It offers Doctor of Philosophy Program in Oral Biology, Master of Sciences Program in Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Surgery Program, and Certificate Program in Dental Assistance.  Educational processes dependent upon each educational level include lectures, basic laboratory and clinical practices.  The processes are concomitantly done with the improvement in education quality assurance, the evaluation of and improvement in both curricula and teaching processes, and the evaluation of those who graduated from the institution.    
             In addition, continuous plans and activities are arranged for the academic members’ development of and improvement in their potentials.  The institution supports their continuing educations, participations in domestic and/or international training program, and educational qualities.    
      4. Aspects of academic services for the societies    
             Due to its determination in conducting the oral health care for the people in Thailand’s lower northern region, Faculty of Dentistry provides several patterns of the knowledge on dental public health and the treatment processes.  The institution serves the people by dental care and treatment, all of which are free-of-charge.  Its annual services include the followings:    
             - Dental services of Naresuan University’s Dental Mobile Unit under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King (for those with less opportunity),    
             - Dental services collaborated between Naresuan University’s Dental Mobile Unit under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King and Naresuan University’s Mobile Unit for the Development of People’s Health and Occupation,    
             - Projects of providing the academic knowledge for the societies,    
             - Projects of dental services for those with less opportunity in various occasions, for example Mahidol Day (September 24), National Dental Public Health Day (October 21), and etc.    
      5. Aspects of research affairs    
             Faculty of Dentistry supports its academic members’ conduction of all researches.  For all new researchers, it arranges numerous seminars on the useful topics (laboratory research techniques, the usage of laboratory equipments, and research presentation and publication), prepares commonly used equipments and laboratory rooms in its Research Units, and supports international visits for research purposes.    
             It also provides some financial supports for the development of young researchers (the fifth and the sixth year dental students) in order that they are able to write research proposals, to collect and to analyze research data, and eventually become the real dentists for serving the societies.    
      6. Aspects of extra-curricular activities for the students’ improvement    
            Faculty of Dentistry sets several committees for student affairs and stresses at the systems of students’ advisors for the relevant consultations, the responsible management of students’ welfare and loans, the guidances for future profession and continuing educations, and the solvers of students’ problems.  It arranges several projects stressing at promotion of the students’ moral, ethics, and personalities, support of Thai culture and academic knowledge, practices in the development of social benefits, and promotion of the students’ health.  It also supports the club organization for the students’ after-school relaxes, in accordance with their aptitude and interest, for example Thai music club, universal music club, and soccer club.     
      7. Aspects of Thai culture conservation and maintenance    
             Faculty of Dentistry stresses at making the personnel to be full of conscious mind in moral and ethics and sentimental to Thai culture, and at strengthening the desirable culture and values among personnel, organization, and society.    
      8. Aspects of education quality assurance    
             Faculty of Dentistry supports all missions’ practices by using the principles of quality assurance.  For sake of its personnel’s knowledge and conscious mind, it continuously provides various conferences relating to Japanese adopted 5S (seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke) and quality assurance activities.  By the use of self-assessment report (SAR) and check assessment report (CAR), self-evaluation of each Department’s educational quality is annually performed.  The institution’s projects of internal quality assurance are attended by the auditors from inside and outside the University.  Its Dental Hospital has recently commenced the processes of hospital accreditation (HA).    
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