Department of Oral Surgery  
Oral Biology Oral Diagnosis Oral Surgery Preventive Dentistry Restorative Dentistry
        Trendy treatment, advance researches, and the leader of academic work.  
  1. Improvement of education qualities, by using the international academic foundations and in accordance with the  
    dentistry’s advancement.  
  2. Conduction of the qualified researches to develop and improve the knowledge on the work of oral and maxillo-facial  
  3. Improvement of all oral and maxillo-facial surgery treatment to heighten the quality of life of the people Thailand’s lower  
    northern region.  
  1. The Department produces the successful who are knowledgeable, and able to perform the oral and maxillo-facial treatment  
    and applications.  
  2. The Department produces qualified researches and develops new researches from routine work.  
  3. The Department is the oral and maxillo-facial surgery center of academic services and treatment.  
  4. The Department’s education quality assurance system is in or above the international standard level, transparent, and  
  Policies on education  
  1. Improvement of the under-graduate educations, stressing at the student-centered system, learning from real  
    experiences, and continual improvement of the curricula.  
  2. Tactical addition of profession's codes of conduct during the educations.  
  3. Support of the academic members’ teaching potentials.  
  Policies on research affairs  
  1. Support of the academic, non-academic members and students to conduct researches for education and development of  
    new knowledge.  
  2. Support of the academic members for internal and external insitutions’ research funds.  
  3. Support of the publications of all research and creative work.  
  Policies on academic services for the societies  
  1. Support of the academic and non-academic members’ participations in the projects relating to academic services and  
    dental treatment for the people.  
  2. Continual promotion and improvement of the academic services relating to its education and research activities.  
  3. Co-operation with internal and external institutions in academic services for the society.  
  Policies on administrations and management  
        Promotion of improving its administrative and management structures, stressing at the co-operative administrations, to obtain the maximum efficiency and efficacy.  
  Policies on education quality assurance  
  1. Development of the education quality assurance system into the systematized and standardized one for future  
    accreditation from external committee.  
  2. Promotion and development of intra-Departmental knowledge management (KM) and learning shares  
  3. Strengthening the knowledge on and understandings of education quality assurance to its academic and non-academic  
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