Philosophy Determinations Visions Responsibilities Purposes
            Faculty of Dentistry aims at establishing the knowledgeable dentists who are able to provide the dental services (health promotion, prevention, curative treatment and development of a good quality of life), full of moral and ethics, and desirable subsistent patterns.  In addition, it attempts at being the organization of knowledge development and Thai culture conservation.    
            Best administrations, excellent academic affairs, trendy researches, nation-wide services, and conservation and maintenance of Thai culture.    
             Faculty of Dentistry will be the excellent in academic affairs, research activities, and dental services for the societies, on basis of moral, ethics, and profession's codes of conduct.  In addition, it will promote and maintain Thai culture.    
      1. Management of the education processes by using the international academic foundations,    
          advance technologies, moral, ethics, and profession's codes of conduct.    
      2. Conduction of the qualified researches to develop and improve the knowledge of dentistry.    
      3. Dedication of the academic services for good dental health among the people in Thailand’s    
           lower northern region.    
      4. Promotion of conserving and maintaining Thai culture.    
      1. Those obtaining the D.D.S. degree are knowledgeable with the characteristics of oral    
           surgeons, and are the leaders of oral care and treatment for the people in their responsible    
           areas, particularly Thailand’s lower northern region.  Those obtaining the Certificate in    
           Dental Assistance gain knowledge and are able to assist the clinical services.    
      2. Faculty of Dentistry releases the researches responded to the dental health problems of the    
           people in Thailand’s lower northern region.    
      3. Faculty of Dentistry is the center of academic and dental public health services for the    
           people in Thailand’s lower northern region.    
      4. Faculty of Dentistry promotes and supports the conservation and maintenance of Thai    
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