Department of Preventive Dentistry  
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        Department of Preventive Dentistry stresses at promoting the establishment of knowledgeable dentists with moral, ethics, and abilities to perform and comprehensively apply their knowledge to dental treatment, prevention and health promotion, by the use of happy learning-processes. In addition, it provides academic services for societies and produces qualified researches.  
        Department of Preventive Dentistry’s determinations are the promotion of happy learning-processes, productions of qualified researches, strengthening all sectors’ health, and careful services for societies.  
        Department of Preventive Dentistry stresses at the establishment of qualified dentists with moral and ethics, the promotion of all preventive dentistry work, and strengthening the people’s good health.  
  1. Management of education, via happy-learning processes, on basis of universal academic foundations and promotion of the  
    dentists to be full of moral, ethics, and profession's codes of conduct.  
  2. Conduction of the qualified and trendy researches  
  3. Academic services for the people in Thailand’s lower northern region  
  1. To make the students be knowledgeable on and able to comprehensively apply the concepts of health promotion,  
    prevention, and treatment.  
  2. To fabricate the students to be full of moral, ethics, and profession's codes of conduct.  
  3. To produce qualified researches for the development of knowledge in dentistry.  
  4. To provide academic services for the societies in Thailand’s lower northern region for the people’s good health.  
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