Department of Restorative Dentistry  
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        Department of Restorative Dentistry stresses at establishing the qualified dentists and dental specialists with knowledge, capabilities, moral, ethics, and profession's codes of conduct.  In addition, it stresses at developing researches for education and national development.  
  1. Management of education to establish qualified dentists with knowledge, abilities to perform the clinical work of  
    restorative dentistry and its relating fields, moral, ethics, and profession's codes of conduct for their efficient practices.   
  2. Research activities to create knowledge and innovations for future references of restorative dentistry and its relating  
  3. Development of academic services for communities and societies, by using the knowledge from education and researches.  
  4. Continuous development of education quality assurance systems to heighten and to develop its educational qualities.  
  1. To establish qualified dentists who are knowledgeable, are able to practice the work of restorative dentistry, and efficiently  
    apply to the relating clinical work.  
  2. To heighten academic researches for the improvement education and communities.  
  3. To provide standard academic services for societies to heighten quality of life of the people in Thailand’s lower northern  
  4. To achieve standard education quality assurance.  
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