Strategic Plans  
          Due to the needs of self-development and self-improvement within 15 years, Faculty of Dentistry has defined ten goals into its strategic plans.  All of which are needed to be successful and are as follows:     
    1. Establishment of qualified graduates with academic and research knowledge.    
    2. Establishment of qualified graduates with moral, ethics, and professional morales.    
    3. Fabrication of post-graduate curricula with standards and national/international acceptances.    
    4. Production of qualified and publicized researches with subsequent concrete usage and    
    5. Conduction of the effective research administration and management, as well as the efficient    
      collaborations with external organizations.    
    6. Public relation center of dental news and academic services in Thailand’s lower northern    
    7. Leader of dental services for the people in Thailand’s lower northern region.    
    8. Organization of promoting and practicing the conservation and maintenance of Thai culture.    
    9. Organization with efficient practices by means of good governance    
    10. Trendy information technology systems for the administrations and management of all units.    
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